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If you’re reading this, you are probably curious if I am the type of agent [and person] you would feel comfortable working with.  I am middle-aged, married, and a proud father of 2 grown children.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading on my deck, visiting casinos, all-u-can-eat buffets, and I “try” to golf.  Some people would describe me as “ruggedly handsome”, and by some people, I mean my Mom – God rest her soul.  I have been a full-time agent for over 15 years, and love what I do.  I offer “full” as well as “a-la-carte” service, whichever you are looking for.

Before real estate, my responsibilities required me to be extremely detail oriented, an attribute that has become second nature to me.  When you consider your typical listing and sale consists of approximately 40+ pages [not including inspection reports and addendums] , and your typical foreclosure or  short sale adds another 30+ pages to the pile, I think you can imagine how vital it is to be a stickler for details.

I also have somewhat of a background as a jack of all trades, but master of none.  Being a homeowner for over 30 years, and raised by a union carpenter that could build and repair anything, you tend to pick up a few things here and there.  This experience proves to be an invaluable asset when assisting my clients determine repair costs and time necessary to get the job done.  And when dealing with properties that need either a little TLC or a complete rehab, this knowledge could be the difference between a huge profit or a huge loss.

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Let’s face it, you spend your hard earned money doing this, and just like every investor, you have your own opinion and formula for success.  But let’s be honest, many times two heads (or opinions) are better than one.  If you want to team up with an agent that agrees with everything you say, whether right or wrong, look elsewhere.  I am not a “Yes” man. I will provide my honest opinion at all times, which could be different than yours.  But isn’t that what you really want, an honest second opinion so you can make the best decision possible?  If you agree, I suggest we get together [possibly over lunch] and discuss how we can help each other make some money in this business.  Even if you don’t, I wish you Good Luck in your real estate ventures and I hope God blesses your every day.