Searching for available properties really isn’t that hard, and more importantly, finding the one property that you will end up living in isn’t as difficult as many buyers think.  All you need is a “plan of action” and a good Realtor.  Click the link below, go to the middle of the page and enter as few or as many details about the area or property you are looking for, then hit GO.

Search the Multi-List

Depending on your search criteria, your list may be a few or a lot of properties.  I suggest you only concentrate on the properties that have all [or the majority] of the characteristics you are looking for.  Next, you begin your “plan of action”.  Look at all the pictures, if available.  Check out the room sizes to see if they are big enough for your furniture, etc.  Does it have as many full-baths as your family needs, is the yard big enough, does it have central a/c, enough parking for all your vehicles, etc, etc.  Review all the other items listed to make sure everything you want is included with this property.  Once you narrowed the list down, drive by and check out the neighborhood, exterior, location, etc. to eliminate the properties for reasons you can’t see online.  Once you have the few that really fit what you are looking for, call a “good Realtor” [hopefully me] walk through the properties and make your offer.

Believe it or not, having the opinion to “look at every property out there” isn’t a good idea and many times causes the buyer to lose the home they really wanted in the first place.  It is very important to narrow the list of available properties down to a select few that fit ALL, or the majority of the details you are looking for.  Let me explain.  Consider these 2 scenario’s where both buyers are looking for the exact same property, and there are 25 available in their price range, and trust me, this happens more than you think::

Buyer #1 – does his homework online and by driving by the properties to verify location, exterior details, amount of traffic, neighborhood, etc.  He narrows the list of 25 down to 3, calls his agent and they see all three the first day they go looking.  He tells his agent he wants to make an offer on 123 Main St.  The agent completes the paperwork, contacts the listing agent, and they come to an agreement that same day.

Buyer #2 – tells his agent he wants to walk through every available property in his price range to compare them to each other before doing any homework online or driving by and eliminating the ones with obvious reasons the buyer would not purchase the property.  Reasons like room size, located on main road or cul-de-sac, no yard or large yard, detached or integral garage, number of full baths, surrounding properties, and many more.  The first property they look at is 123 Main St, which the buyer loves, but feels its still necessary to check out the other 24 available properties.  So after a few weeks, they see all 25 properties and then the buyer decides the ONLY property he has any interest in is 123 Main St.  The agent tells the buyer that property is already under contract, and they start the process all over again.

You might think this really doesn’t happen, but it does.  Many times good properties go under contract the 1st day or shortly after because of people like Buyer #1.  They take the home buying process seriously and do everything they can upfront to get that “dream” home they always wanted.  Unfortunately, for those people like Buyer #2, a ton of time is wasted by them and their agents constantly looking and looking, only to buy a property out of desperation, instead of buying one they really wanted in the first place.

Buying a home you might be in for 5 years, 10 years, or the rest of your life is very important, and possibly the largest financial expenditure in your life.  Take this process seriously and be like Buyer #1 and end up in the home you have always wanted.  Now pick up the phone and call me and lets get you into that “home of your dreams”.