For Sale

Since you are reading this, there’s a good chance you have a property you are considering selling for any number of reasons.  It really doesn’t matter why you want or need to sell, you came to the right place.  For years, selling real estate meant calling the “local” agent, the agent would advertise in “local” homes magazines, and maybe even put ads in “local” newspapers.  Times have changed, and so have the strategies for selling real estate.

Because of advances in technology, almost all “print” forms of marketing are a thing of the past.  Calling the “local” agent down the street sometimes is the worst mistake a seller can make, and certain statistics state that almost 75% of buyers begin their search online before contacting an agent.  What this means in a nutshell is sellers now have more options than ever in deciding who to work with, and choosing which agent to market your property can be very confusing.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets the majority of the general public isn’t aware of, and the majority of agents will not tell you.  Size of the company doesn’t matter any longer.  How many times a companies name is seen on TV or billboards doesn’t matter.  And whether an agent claims to have $1 million in sales or $20 million in sales many times means nothing.  As a seller, you should choose your listing agent based on a combination of personality and market savvy.  Another words, pick someone you feel comfortable with , someone you can trust, someone familiar with current market activity, and someone that utilizes the technological advances available to everyone.  And please, don’t be fooled by someone claiming guarantees or offering gimmicks to entice buyers and other agents.  Look for someone that utilizes tried and true strategies like hard-work and common sense.  And of course, make sure they are licensed in the state your property is located, and they practice full-time.  Do you really want to trust the biggest investment in your life to someone that sells frappuccinos during the day, and dabbles in real estate in the evenings and on week-ends???

Successful agents [and by successful I am not talking about the size of their wallet] have one thing in common, they understand their clients needs and they understand the market.  I treat every client of mine with the respect they deserve.  I work just as hard for the $1 million listing as I do for the $10,000 listing.  When my clients have a question or concern, they speak to me directly, never an assistant.  Real estate is a business, not a game, and I handle it accordingly.  I treat my clients with integrity and fairness, and I truly believe in the “Golden Rule”.

After reading the above, if you think I am someone that can get the job done for you, and someone you wouldn’t mind working with, then let’s get together.  I will gladly come to your home at your convenience, and discuss the process of listing and selling your home with you.  If you feel your personality and mine are compatible, then we should concentrate our time on listing your home as soon as possible.  Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to meeting you.